Saturday, January 31, 2009

40 Lessons I have Learnt

Turning 40 is a milestone in almost anyone’s life. So for mine, I thought I’d commit to blog 40 things of value I have learnt so far in this journey of mine. They are in no particular order. If they resonate with you, great! However, I wrote it 'cos they are true for me. Please enjoy.

1: You can’t help someone more than they want help for themselves.

2: Some things are wiser not to say.

3: If shoes aren’t comfortable when you try them on, they never will be. You can’t “break in” uncomfortable shoes.

4: Gratitude is the stuff good attitudes are made from.

5: Forgiveness is freeing to the soul.

6: Clutter saps my energy.

7: I don’t have to hang onto things to have my needs met.

8: If you sow, you will reap.

9: God really never leaves us.

10: Delayed gratification is not a bad thing.

11: I function better when I get enough sleep.

12: Being near water makes me feel peaceful, and often joyous!

13: Regular events with family and friends over food, wine or music, inspire my soul.

14: Doing work that is not your highest calling quickly becomes tedious.

15: The most joyous sound in the world is a baby or child’s laugh.

16: Hate is like a poison pill you take to harm the other person. It only hurts you!

17: If my intuition tells me something, trust it! Things only ever go awry when I don’t.

18: We sometimes become so attached to something, we can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s time to let go and let God.

19: Martyr attitudes are just self-pity expressed to hurt the people you love.

20: You don’t have to do something perfectly for it to be a job well done.

21: Practice makes permanent, whether you’re doing it correctly or not.

22: I’d rather be inspired than motivated. It lasts longer.

23: If inspiration is the wings, consistency is the engine that gives the power to take flight.

24: My time with God keeps me centered and balanced.

25: Humility is not self-deprecation.

26: Some people, no matter how much I like or love them, are a drain on my energy.

27: Appropriate boundaries create better relationships.

28: Pick your battles. Some things are just not worth the energy to fight for it.

29: If you let the little things pile up on you, you never have enough focus to get the big things done. It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine.

30: I love to plan for good things, but I love the spontaneity of precious moments too.

31: Life moves in the direction of your most dominant thoughts.

32: If God is with me, then nothing stands in my way.

33: Dancing is a creative form of self-expression for me.

34: Being a perpetual student of life, is a good way to keep growing and learning about yourself.

35: Doing things for others does more for you than for them.

36: Being too controlling prevents lots of little blessings coming your way, and robs others of the opportunity of responsibility.

37: If someone is upset with me over something I had no control over or was not my responsibility, that speaks more of them than of me.

38: Taking time for me, means I have more of me for others.

39: Don’t sweat the more stuff, 'cos in the course of a year, 99% of it will be small stuff.

40: We all walk in our own measure of light. I cannot be expected to walk in someone else’s revelations, any more than they can walk in mine. They’re ok and I’m ok.