Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Importance of Family

Tonight we have a family dinner with my fiance's family. I love that he has such strong family values, and that his family is soooooo important to him. His father is in town from interstate, and we are all getting together at his mothers house with the the direct and indirect family.

I think it's remarkable that his parents, who have been divorced for over 25 years, are still friends, and that his dad still considers his ex-wife's family, his family. Now this is no reflection on any other person's situation where that kind of harmony isn't possible. There are a variety of reasons why this would not be possible for many families. But the values of peace and harmony, and certainly maturity....being BIG people are present here. Being grateful for the good things in the past, and being mature enough to accept things as they now are.

None of this would be possible, if both parties hadn't been willing to not play, or stop playing 'the blame game'. No relationship is perfect. You wanna know why? There are people in 'em. And no person I know is perfect. Tolerance and acceptance of people for where they're at.

A very wise friend of mine once said "We all walk in the light with which we have". I just love that. We are all accountable to our own God given conscience. And the areas that give me pause might be completely different to you. But as we stay accountable to our values, and have more grace for ourselves and others, and quit trashing relationships in our own egoistic need to be right, we will all lead much more fulfilling and abundant lives.

there we are, that's my 2 cents for today.

Do you have any thoughts? Please let me know.

yours positively
Danick Buskermolen

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is Your Attitude Costing You?

This is a very exciting and daunting time in my life, as I recently got engaged and I’m starting to plan a wedding. Yesterday as I started to make some preliminary investigations into function venues, I discovered a few things that were of particular note.

I started my investigations on the net and made a couple of phone calls. There were a few places really making my life a lot easier. They had ready made packages and costings, different options and included a lot of the things I would otherwise have to go and outsource. Some included linen, cake, place for ceremony, others a bridal suite for accommodation with breakfast and champagne etc.

Of the few phone calls I made a couple of things became obvious, some couldn’t have been nicer and made me feel special and like they appreciated my potential business offering us a complimentary breakfast to come and see the venue properly, and others weren’t even available on the phone with full voicemail. When reviewing some of the packages, they were not only priced above many other places, but they were so strict and stringent in their conditions, times, costs, it didn’t seem to me that they had any flexibility in making our day personal and special.

Whereas other places were not only kind and flexible, but made me feel as though they would not only appreciate our business, but make it personal and special to us.

It’s a day in ones life that takes a lot of organising and potentially there are several things that could go awry. But if you have developed a flexible and warm relationship with those people you’re working with to create this day, it fosters trust and loyalty. How many businesses are losing customers because they’re inflexible or impersonal and they don’t foster warm and trusting relationships with customers, and are prepared to make things easier and provide solutions for them. Afterall, isn’t that what business is supposed to be about!

What Do You Think?

Danick Buskermolen

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Are You Sleep Deprived

I sometimes find it hard to get to sleep. And sometimes I wake up before I’m ready and I’m unable to get back to sleep. Does this ever happen to you?

Through the years, there a few observations I’ve made about sleep that can help me sleep better.

1: Caffeine – I’m not a coffee drinker, but there are many other things with caffeine in that I find I’m very sensitive to. I can have just so much first thing in the morning. But after lunch I’d better quit. I know exactly what my tolerance is, so I need to stick within those limits.

2: Exercise – If I haven’t been physically active enough in a day, and burnt off enough physical energy, it may affect my sleep. So I just need to make sure my life and days are balanced and I’m getting some physical exertion each day.

3: Busy Mind – Have you noticed when there’s a lot going on in your life, or you’re excited about something, it’s hard to sleep. Things to do are to make sure you haven’t had too much caffeine or too little exercise, cos they’ll just make it worse.
Decide on a switch off time for the stimulating evening activities. Don’t do work or phone calls after a certain time. And decide to switch the tv off at a particular time each night, so as not to be overstimulated.
Other things to do are to make a list, or journal your thoughts, to get it out you’re your head onto paper, and know that you’ve captured the thoughts and nothing is lost. Once you’ve done that, I’ve found reading a novel helps to settle me, cos it distracts my mind from the busy-ness and help me settle.

4: Warm Drink – The tried and true method of chamomile tea or warm milk are often good.

5: Bedtime Routine – Certain neural pathways are established when you do the same routine every evening. It may include a warm drink, shower or bath, brush your teeth and wash your face. Your body and mind will soon know this is your preparation for sleep time.

So these are just things from my own experience. I hope they may benefit you too. You may even have a few ideas of your own. Please feel free to share them with us.

Have a positive day (and night ;-)
Danick Buskermolen

Monday, June 05, 2006

Financial Goals

I’ve just been thinking about goals and the beginning of a new month. Many smaller goals are achievable or finishable in a period of time such as a month. And in Australia our financial year runs from July to June. So this month marks the end of our financial year.

This has led me to thinking about the things I need to finish this month in order to get the maximum tax deduction. This also leads me to thinking about financial goals, and the ones I set at the beginning of the fiscal year last year.

Some I’ve already achieved, some I’ve exceeded, and some I’m not even in the ball park. Where are you up to with your financial goals? Or any other goals?

Which ones can you either achieve, or make a huge dent in this month?
I’m gonna stay focussed. Are you?

Have a positive day
Danick Buskermolen

Friday, June 02, 2006

What’s he deal with this generation gap?
Why, so often do we feel we have nothing to learn from those who are older or younger than ourselves. The old expression, “With age comes wisdom.” is so often true.
Sure it’s a different age now, the age of technology, the twenty-first century. But an ancient prophet one said, there is nothing new under the sun.
Personally, I have really learnt a lot from many people much older than myself. Perhaps not technological things, but practical and life things, relational things. And from kids there is much to learn and certainly much to be remembered, like getting excited about new experiences, tastes, smells etc. Being grateful and enthusiastic about every little thing.
So today I’m making up my mind to listen to everybody differently today. To appreciate all people, no matter what their age or peer group, and to remain teachable in all things, cos if you’re really paying attention, there is so much to learn.

What do you think?


Danick Buskermolen