Sunday, July 30, 2006

Do You Struggle With Being Able To Meditate?


Many people have indicated to me that they have an inability to get still and centred in order to meditate. For some people, doing and active meditation such as going for a drive, or a walk on the beach may be a better way to 'collect yourself' as I call it. Collecting your thoughts and processing and digesting thoughts and feelings on life, events, desires, spirit etc.

Jamie Lyn has written an easy to understand article on the subject which I've included below. I believe it's an important part of a successful persons day, and you are a successful person, so enjoy the article.

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Why meditate? and a quick and simple technique Anyone canincorporate into their daily rountine:
Why Meditate? -The reasons and benefits are many and profound! Modern science has shown that relaxation of the mind has ahealing effect on the body, helping people to reduce stress and,as a result, prevent and treat a whole host of mental andphysical dieases and ailments - even something as simple as thecommon cold.
In a meditative state, metabolic processes, includingrespiration and blood flow, slow down. Key words—SLOW DOWN.
Meditation is a technique that helps us focus and calms the mindresulting in a relaxed and restful state of physical and mentalbeing.
Meditation is generally focused on one constant thing,usually your breath. It is an effective tool to gain mindcontrol, self-awareness and understanding that eventually leadto inner calm and peacefulness.
And meditating does not require any great length of time. Itonly takes some conscious effort. You need only take fiveminutes to slow down, focus on the center of your body and letthe rest of the moment happen.
The point is to achieve a sense of being centered and letting goof every day concerns.
Meditation is simply taking a moment to BE. A big mistake that alot of people make is thinking it is too time consuming orcomplicated and then not giving it a try at all.
A very quick and simple meditation technique is to concentrateon and control your breathing pattern for a few minutes. Evernotice when someone says the word “breathe," you do? That rightthere is controlling your pattern.
Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out- as simple as it maysound - you have just done a form of meditation!Try it for as little as 5-10 minutes a day when need be and see howthis simple technique can calm, center and elevate your mind,body & spirit!
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To Your Mind, Body & Spirit!
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Jamie Lynn
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"A strong mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug"