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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is Your Attitude Costing You?

This is a very exciting and daunting time in my life, as I recently got engaged and I’m starting to plan a wedding. Yesterday as I started to make some preliminary investigations into function venues, I discovered a few things that were of particular note.

I started my investigations on the net and made a couple of phone calls. There were a few places really making my life a lot easier. They had ready made packages and costings, different options and included a lot of the things I would otherwise have to go and outsource. Some included linen, cake, place for ceremony, others a bridal suite for accommodation with breakfast and champagne etc.

Of the few phone calls I made a couple of things became obvious, some couldn’t have been nicer and made me feel special and like they appreciated my potential business offering us a complimentary breakfast to come and see the venue properly, and others weren’t even available on the phone with full voicemail. When reviewing some of the packages, they were not only priced above many other places, but they were so strict and stringent in their conditions, times, costs, it didn’t seem to me that they had any flexibility in making our day personal and special.

Whereas other places were not only kind and flexible, but made me feel as though they would not only appreciate our business, but make it personal and special to us.

It’s a day in ones life that takes a lot of organising and potentially there are several things that could go awry. But if you have developed a flexible and warm relationship with those people you’re working with to create this day, it fosters trust and loyalty. How many businesses are losing customers because they’re inflexible or impersonal and they don’t foster warm and trusting relationships with customers, and are prepared to make things easier and provide solutions for them. Afterall, isn’t that what business is supposed to be about!

What Do You Think?

Danick Buskermolen


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