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Monday, June 05, 2006

Financial Goals

I’ve just been thinking about goals and the beginning of a new month. Many smaller goals are achievable or finishable in a period of time such as a month. And in Australia our financial year runs from July to June. So this month marks the end of our financial year.

This has led me to thinking about the things I need to finish this month in order to get the maximum tax deduction. This also leads me to thinking about financial goals, and the ones I set at the beginning of the fiscal year last year.

Some I’ve already achieved, some I’ve exceeded, and some I’m not even in the ball park. Where are you up to with your financial goals? Or any other goals?

Which ones can you either achieve, or make a huge dent in this month?
I’m gonna stay focussed. Are you?

Have a positive day
Danick Buskermolen


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