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Danick Buskermolen

Life Coach and Personal Development Specialist

Many people live lives of limitation and on a track dictated by family, culture, education, boss or circumstances. I want to participate in re-awakening your dream gene to rediscover and define your passions, inspirations and highest calling toward living a life of abundance. To be able to enjoy life now, in the midst of the journey to becoming who you really were created to be.

"I have coached suicidal and bipolar clients to their breakthroughs. Coached a tenor to recording his debut demo album in Sydney's opera House and fulfill a dream of 20 years." And Danick has done a lot more to assist others on their way towards self-fulfillment and life-living within fulfillment!

A qualified Beauty Therapist, Life Coach, Graduate of Landmark Education Curriculum (CAP, CPP, SELP etc) and Toastmasters Speechcraft- Danick comes equipped to bring you through any of your issues and barriers. She comes out of first-hand experiences, along with training, and has learned through learning more about herself and how to be free and truly begin to live a life.

"It's taken many years of personal development and reflection through a variety of different methods for me to be able to dismantle and become aware of many of these things that have held me back in my journey. I believe I will continue to make these discoveries until the day I move on to eternity, but because I've dealt with most of the surface stuff, what I'm discovering now is becoming a more deep revelation of who I inherently was created to be, without all the artificial add-ons. I'm sure many of you can relate, and I hope you will join me in the journey of discovery to a more empowered and fulfilled you."


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